Mobile Billboards:Out of home media that can go straight to your audience
Send your message exactly where it needs to be with mobile billboard advertising

With EMC you can advertise on any type of mobile billboard — even video trucks! Frontlit, backlit, video, extensions . . . we do it all. Through us you can advertise in any market within the USA, Canada and in Europe. With a few details about what you are looking to do, we can quickly give you the great rates you are looking for. Please email or contact us today.

Take your mobile billboard advertising wherever you want to go!

Mobile billboards come in three basic varieties: frontlit, backlit for the best nighttime coverage and video display. They are a perfect medium for target marketing. Essentially billboards on wheels, they can literally be driven directly to your audience wherever they are — even in hard to reach locations. These mobile ads can also follow an audience as they move about popular areas. This is especially effective if you are looking to advertise at a large event or convention.

Coverage in any market you desire. Where would you like to advertise?

EMC Outdoor can provide you with mobile billboard advertising anywhere in the USA and beyond. Whether it's a single market or multiple markets, tell us where you want your message to go. The mobile billboard is one of outdoor advertising's most effective tools for getting it out there.

Go where static outdoor advertising cannot with custom routing

By putting your message on wheels you can also have access to areas where traditional outdoor ads are zoned out — we will simply drive your message into that area. You can provide the custom routing that you desire, or we can work with you to establish the most effecting route for reaching your audience throughout the day.

Please contact us to learn how mobile billboard ads can take your message directly to your audience.
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