SCOOTER ADS:Mobile, flexible and fun
Scooter Advertising: Take your message anywhere

This exciting media can take your message anywhere and allows you to follow the crowds throughout popular areas. Deliver a “WOW" factor while caravanning 4 scooters towing large 2 or 3-sided, backlit panels based on your customized routing.

Scooter ads provide an excellent street-level read during day and night (the panels are backlit) as the vehicles drive in caravan or park at highly visible locations — creating a wall of advertising that is hard to miss!

In addition to the scooters themselves, drivers can wear branded attire to complete the effect, and are also available to distribute information or promotional materials allowing advertisers to make a personal connection with consumers.

Please contact us to learn scooter advertising can bring tactical flexibility to your out of home media plan.
Restaurant chain Cosi used scooter advertising to reach the business lunch crowd in key downtown cores. Read more…
Scooter Advertising for Cosi
Bud Light Lime used scooter ads as part of a multi-media campaign to drive social media engagement. Read more…
Scooter Advertising for Bud Light Lime
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