TAXI ADS:Reaching the big city streets
Taxi Advertising: Blanket the streets in your target market

Taxi advertising can deliver eye-level impact both day and night, and can add frequency to your message as they move throughout crowded city streets.

Providing great reads to both pedestrians and vehicular traffic, taxi tops can make a powerful addition to any media mix, and complement other street level media.

In addition to tops, taxis can also be wrapped, and a growing number of taxis feature interior video screens that can provide additional media space.

Taxis are focused in urban areas, and tend to follow population movement patterns throughout the day as they move through the busy areas where they live, work, shop, and play.

Please contact us to learn how taxi advertising can provide broad scope coverage in urban areas.
Tria Beauty used taxi advertising to blanket New York and announce the grand opening of their new location. Read more…
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