TRUCKSIDE ADVERTISING:Display a full-blown billboard on wheels
Truckside Advertising: Put 3 moving billboards on the street for about the same cost as one stationary billboard location.

Truck advertising provides the opportunity to do just that, and achieve blanket coverage of a market with a fleet of roving billboards. Towering over the surrounding vehicles, ads on trucks are hard to miss as they move through traffic or park to make deliveries.

Like billboards, branded trucks provide a large visual space for your message, while at the same time, providing the reach and targetability of transit advertising. Weigh the benefits of truckside over those of billboard advertising:

  • Truck displays are typically 1/3 to 1/2 the price of traditional billboards.
  • Truckside ads allow you to choose the routes and may take your ad more exactly where it needs to be.
  • The large size of the trucks makes them hard to miss on the road and gives you great visibility.
  • GPS tracking shows that many campaigns can achieve blanketed coverage with truck advertising.
Billboard advertising has its own benefits and is as popular as it is for many good reasons, but many advertisers are beginning to use truckside as a cost-effective or added-value alternative to billboards.

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