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Expanding Your Exhibitor Sponsorship Opportunities With Out of Home Media

Sponsorship opportunities are important non-dues revenue streams for organizations. They support the overall objectives of both the exhibitors and the organizations, providing a win-win scenario.

It is important for events to provide new sponsorship opportunities to their exhibitors, but this can be time-consuming.

In providing new sponsorship opportunities, EMC can help create an exciting environment and enhanced experience while supporting the efforts of the association.

Beyond the Booth: A Report on Event Sponsorships

Trade Shows and conferences are some of the most important marketing opporunities on many brands marketing calendars. Sponsorship opportunities are a key piece of that event experience.

Sponsorships are also critical for event organizations and their continuing work.

In our new study we look at exhibitor attitudes toward sponsorship options. Why do the choose what they do? What are they looking for? And, how do the evaluate the effectiveness?

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The trust that comes with experience and expert fulfillment from a dedicated team

EMC has provided, and in many cases created, marketing opportunities around convention centers for over 30 years.

We have spent over 10,000 hours on site, observing attendee behavior and evaluating media to develop the best plans to reach them.

This provides your organization, and your exhibitors the confidence of working with an experienced partner.

Connecting the Dots: We Understand the Attendee Journey

From airports and train stations, to hotels and restaurants, from the most used paths to the convention center to the most popular local attractions we know where attendees go.

Allow your exhibitors to engage at multiple touchpoints, providing them with valuable opportunities to stay front of mind during the event, and drive traffic to their booth.

What our clients are saying:
“Working with EMC Outdoor is always a pleasure. They understand their customers and more importantly they understand the complexities of working in the world of trade shows. They continue to provide new ideas which is extremely helpful in generating new revenue streams for us."

—Tony Manigross, AAPA

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