The Proven Leader in Tradeshow and Conference Marketing

We wrote the book on Out of Home media for tradeshow marketing.

With over 30 years in Trade Show Marketing, EMC has been a market leader, and our experience and reputation are unmatched.

We have developed new media offerings and helped exhibitors drive booth traffic and create awareness around their brands at thousands of key events using Location Based Media tactics.

We’ve attended 1000s of trade shows and spent more than a year on the ground, in-market to better understand audiences and opportunities to reach them. Our location-based marketing strategies have been developed and refined to reach trade show attendees and help exhibitors stand out from the noise on the trade show floor.

Beyond the Booth: A Report on Event Sponsorships

Trade Shows and conferences are some of the most important marketing opporunities on many brands marketing calendars. Sponsorship opportunities are a key piece of that event experience.

Sponsorships are also critical for event organizations and their continuing work.

In our new study we look at exhibitor attitudes toward sponsorship options. Why do the choose what they do? What are they looking for? And, how do the evaluate the effectiveness?

Learn more here …

Make the Whole Market Your Booth

The attendee experience is larger than just your booth. Extend your marketing footprint out into the city, and reach meeting attendees at every step of their journey.

Serving Corporate Exhibitors & Event Organizations
We got our start helping corporate exhibitors drive booth traffic and create brand awareness around their key events.

We have been developing and refining the use of outdoor and indoor media to reach trade show attendees, and help exhibitors stand out from the noise on the trad show floor.

Create valuable new sponsorship opportunities for your exhibitors, and new revenue streams for your organization.

Add them through a simplified process, working with a single source with over 25+ years of experience in trade show marketing.

What our clients are saying:
“EMC Outdoor has been one of the easiest and fluid partners I’ve worked with to date. We have worked together on integrated OOH media plans across several client campaigns and initiatives that have resulted in successfully reaching client KPI’s.” Read more...

—Kevin C., Media Supervisor, Publicis Health Media

Our Work:

We love what we do, and every campaign is a unique solution - these are a few of our favorites. See some more here.


Creating a new space for your voice.


Connecting directly with your trade show audience.


Reaching attendees at every stage of their journey.


Creating a dominant presence with OOH media..


Driving booth traffic with Out of Home media.


Creating a unique presence around their key event.
Thousands of Trade Show Marketing Campaigns

We've run thousands of trade show marketing campaigns for our clients: exhibitors, agencies, and event organizations. Over the years we've executed numerous campaigns in every major convention market, and even developed new media opportunities in some markets.

Wherever your next convention or trade show is being held, chances are we've worked there. Contact us to find out what we can provide for your next event.

Connect the Dots

Follow the path of event attendees as they move through the host city. From arrival to transportation, to hotels, daily circulation and nightlife, each market provides multiple touchpoints to intersect their path.

We've spent over 8,000 hours on the ground in major convention markets, observing attendee behavior and traffic patterns. This has given us unique insight into how to position media to reach attendees in each market.

What our clients are saying:
“At Alcon, we often achieve success through close collaboration with partners who share a common vision and complementary strengths. A key Alcon priority is to build winning collaborations that help us meet our mission: to provide innovative products that enhance quality of life by helping people see better. Our partnership with EMC Outdoor helps us achieve this mission."

—Alcon Laboratories

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