CINEMA ADS:Reach America as it goes to the movies with cinema advertising.

Trying to reach a movie-going audience? Cinema advertising is a great way to put your message in front of a seated and captive audience. Shown prior to a theater's coming attractions, movie theater advertising allows you to display your ad big, backlit, in full motion and without any competing ads or visual clutter to get in the way.

Movie metroplexes are extremely popular destinations for most demographic groups, making in theater ads an option that is quickly gaining popularity in marketing mixes. According to Advertising Age Magazine, advertisers are beginning to pour their ad budgets into this format — especially with the ever-increasing ability of consumers to fast forward through their TiVo'd and DVR'd entertainment selections at home. It's one of the ways brands are adapting to the changing advertising landscape.

If informative, entertaining and most importantly, relevant to the audience in the movie theater, cinema ads can be very effective at grabbing your target audience's attention — at a time when they are open and receptive. Ads in movie theaters reach a target when they are seated in a positive and fun environment. What better place to have your message seen?

EMC has the experience and expertise to ensure an effective campaign by suggesting the best complexes in the market(s) you are targeting. Then we handle all of the details to make sure your placement comes off without a hitch. Whether you are looking for regional placement in a few theaters or placement in metroplexes throughout the country, we're here to help you maximize your reach and marketing budget.

Please contact us to learn more about cinema ads can help you reach your target audience.
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