TRANSIT SHELTERS:Line the streets with miniature billboards
Reach both pedestrian and vehicular traffic with transit shelter advertising.

Looking to reach pedestrian and vehicular traffic with your advertising message? Transit Shelter displays — also known as bus shelter ads — may be just the right media for your next ad campaign.

In urban areas, transit shelter ads are placed on heavily traveled streets with lots of potential readers on the sidewalks and in cars. The frequency of bus stops in many city areas allows an advertiser to place a message repeatedly along heavily commuted roadways.

In more suburban areas, as bus routes branch out towards and past the city limits, bus shelter ads are often one of the few choices that advertisers have for getting their message next to the road and in front of a commuting audience.

For areas that do not have billboards as an advertising option, transit shelter advertising will often be an excellent alternative. Also consider gas station ads as an alternative to billboard advertising in these types of areas. Transit shelter advertising uses large interior and exterior display areas that are illuminated at night for excellent visibility. Sizes will vary but a typical ad display will be approximately 4' wide by 6' high.

Contact us to learn more about how transit shelter advertising can complement your outdoor advertisign campaign.
City College of San Francisco used digital transit shelters as part of an out of home media mix that could be rapidly deployed. Read more…
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