SAILBOAT ADS:Display your brand in a stand out environment
Branded Sails: Advertising on the water

Branded sailboats and boatside billboards offer an advertiser the unique opportunity to brand a premiere space that is just plain difficult to miss. Some of the large, 2-sided branded sails can be as high as 11 stories — yes, that's 11 stories!

In addition to the size of the ad space, advertisers will likely be pleased to find a lack of competing advertising on the water — allowing the boat displays to be presented in an uncluttered environment. Combine that with targeted routing that results in premiere placement at crowded and unexpected locations, and you've got lots of "ooh"s and "wow''s coming from the shore and water.

Be stationary or cruise the shoreline. . . or do both!

Boats can be moored near crowded areas or cruise the shoreline searching for the best locations to be seen. That is, after all, our goal: for your message to be seen by as much of your target audience as possible. Branded sails are a great example of how outdoor can create a dynamic space that is unique to a particular area — the water.

If you are targeting an audience near the shoreline, sailboat advertising may be the perfect complement to your next campaign. Tap into the distinctive local flavor of the shoreline and enhance your company's or brand's connection to the nautical community and those who just happen to be near the water.

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