MOBILE PROJECTION:Let your brand light up the night

Create a dynamic new ad space with mobile video projection

Light up the night with some of the latest cutting-edge media that outdoor advertising has to offer!

Mobile image projections allow you to take your ad virtually anywhere and to multiple destinations throughout the night. Follow the crowds and cover all of a city's popular and crowded nightlife areas with this flexible - and moving - mobile media that always grabs attention.

Stop people in their tracks with this spectacular outdoor advertising.

Here's how this great media works: images are projected from a van customized with high-tech projectors on top. As the van slowly cruises popular areas, it illuminates the walls and buildings that it passes. Projections can also be stationary as the van is parked and illuminating key, highly-visible walls. Moving images are approximately 30-40 ft square. Stationary projections can reach 200 ft square!

Incorporate special effects like zooming and panning to either side of the street and you've got nighttime presence for your company that cannot be missed! Ask us for more details about mobile projections or the many other cutting-edge media that outdoor has to offer. We can help you make a show-stopping presence and suggest many types of media that will excite people about your company or brand.

Please contact us to learn more about how your brand can light up the night.

Featured Video

Adobe used mobile projection media to stand out from the crowds, and promote their event at Austin's SXSW.

Read how AT&T used mobile projection to launch their new service in key markets across the west. Read more…
Mobile Projection Advertising for ATT
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