SHUTTLE BUS:Provide a service for your audience
Shuttle bus advertising provides both branding opportunities and a service to your audience.

Courtesy shuttle buses can make a big impression on event attendees. Routed between event centers, airports, hotels and other strategic locations, they provide a valuable service to attendees, and also provide extensive branding opportunities beyond the exterior.

When not providing transportation, vehicles can target the convention center, hotels, restaurants and primary routes to and from the convention center, and may also be able to park in strategic locations for greater visibility!

Buses can be partially or fully wrapped, and may include on-board video displays as well. In addition to exterior media, shuttle buses can also include branding opportunities inside, like headrest covers or complimentary water with branded labels. Drivers may be furnished with branded attire to provide a complete experience.

Shuttle coordinators that direct arriving passengers to your shuttle can be hired to enhance your campaign.

Contact us to find out more about using shuttle bus advertising to reach event attendees.

Featured Video

North Face used wrapped shuttle buses to provide branded, complimentary transportation to sports fans at the Winter X Games in Aspen.

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