Advertising Inflatables:Put your brand in the air!
Custom branded inflatables allow advertisers to reach event audiences in a highly visible way.

Take your message to wherever the crowd happens to be! That is the flexibility you will have with a street team carrying these large inflatables branded with your logo or message.

One of the most fun additions to the world of alternative media, branded inflatables are especially effective at events where they are able to be quickly moved on-the-fly according to your program's last-minute needs. You've found a better and more crowded location at your event? No problem! We'll just walk right over there.

Branded inflatables float above crowds with excellent visibility and put your message directly in front of an audience in a fun and unique way. The inflatables are roughly 5.5 feet in diameter and are able to be printed on 2 sides with the same or different creatives.

A typical program consists of 6 balloons carried by a team of 6 brand ambassadors that can interact with an audience by distributing your literature or promotional items. Your team will also include a team coordinator to ensure the effectiveness of your placement.

Contact us to learn more about how custom branded inflatables can bring an added dimension to your street team advertising.
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