Digital Billboards:The evolution of outdoor advertising

Everyone is talking about them: digital billboards. Why?

In 2011, there were approximately only 2,400 digital billboard displays throughout the United States. In 2016 there are approximately 6400 - a growth of almost 300% in just 5 years. Compared to the 450,000 static billboards throughout the country that is still a small fraction of the billboard advertising that happens in the USA. But those 6,400 digital boards and the opportunities that they can offer advertisers are creating a huge buzz in the advertising industry.What does this mean for you as an advertiser . . . or your clients if you are an agency? Read on to get our perspective on the billboard industry's switch to digital.

Are digital billboards available for you?

To start, with a limited amount of digital displays in great demand, a digital billboard location may not even be available where you are looking to advertise. Contact us to find out if they are. If displays are available they will certainly be in premiere locations. That's to say, at this time they will be amongst the priciest of billboard displays available to advertisers in that area.

A few details from you will help us to provide information on what's available in the area(s) that interest you.

If a location and price fits your needs, you will be sharing space with a group of other advertisers as your ad rotates with the other ads on the same billboard. Think of the display as a large slide show with your advertising showing in a sequence of ads for about 6 to 8 seconds each time — time will vary by location.

We have access to ALL digital billboard networks: ANY market

Through our network of billboard vendors, we can provide you with the entire availability in the area that interests you. There's no need to locate, call and wait for space owners to call you back. We will quickly tell you what's available and provide effective options if digital boards are unavailable.

Please contact us to find out more about digital billboards.
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